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    What should you look for when buying cookware?

    There are certain things you need to consider when choosing Cookware. These include:

    Heat conductivity – Some metals are better heat conductors than others. For instance, copper is a particularly good heat conductor whereas stainless steel is not. What this means in terms of cookware is that the better the heat conductivity the better and the more evenly your food will cook. It also means that when you turn the heat up or down the copper cookware will react a lot quicker to the temperature change than stainless steel cookware.

    Price – The amount you pay for your Steam Pot will most likely be a determining factor in what you end up buying. The rule of thumb with cookware is to buy the best you can afford.

    Durability– Some types of cookware will maintain their good looks and last longer than others. Stainless steel is considered to be one of the best in this respect.

    Reactivity– Some metals react with certain foods. Aluminum for instance has a tendency to react with tomato and other acidic dishes. This means that your food can actually absorb some of the metal, so take care with your Cookware Set choices and ensure that you are aware of the reactivity of each product.

    Maintenance– If you would prefer not to have to shine your cookware every night just to keep it looking good then you will need to consider the amount of maintenance required to keep it in tip-top shape. Copper and cast iron cookware generally require quite a bit of work to keep it looking pristine whilst stainless steel is normally a little easier to look after.

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