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    Product Nameelectric lopping saw
    Model NumberS100
    Max scope of cutting聽12 cm
    Colororange,red聽 (accept custom)
    ApplicationApply to cut tree,wood,branches
    Packing Size45*25.5*10.5cmcm
    Packing Weight3.1 kg
    First, it is helpful to understand that saws are mainly divided into two categories: electric and manual handsaws. The handsaw is a traditional tool that does not rely on any type of power. This means that you must use your elbow grease to provide power. If you stop at your local hardware store, you may be surprised at how many handsaws are available. For power saws and manual saws, there are many options, each of which is designed for a specific application.

    It is usually a good idea to use a traditional handsaw for general cutting in the toolbox. It has a large serrated blade that can cut wood back and forth. However, for many projects, the chainsaw is ideal, because it can accomplish difficult work for you. Electric saws can also cut more accurately than hand saws.

    The saw can get power from a power outlet or battery. Wired tools have certain advantages – they often provide more power than battery powered tools, and as long as you plug in, you will never run out of power.

    However, cordless electric tools also have their own advantages. The cordless tool allows greater mobility because you do not need to be close to the socket. This is especially useful when you are working outside rather than in a workshop.Electric Pruning Saw made in China